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Bora İşbulan by Bora İşbulan | Dec 14, 2021

By Bora Isbulan, Chief Commercial Officer, Plaza Premium Group

There is always light at the end of the tunnel. The pandemic has certainly bought unprecedented darkness to many industries—perhaps no more so than the travel sector—yet it is exciting to know that the dawn is illuminating the world again, and in some parts, that the brightness is blinding.

We are happy to see travel gradually revive as borders re-open, especially as the festive seasons approach, when friends and families get to reunite at airports around the world again.

Despite the lingering effects of the global pandemic on the travel sector, this has been a productive season for Plaza Premium Group (PPG)—we have been evolving our service offerings to cater to travellers’ evolving needs and expectations. As we enter a post-COVID-19 era, airport hospitality is no longer limited to a single kind of service but rather a holistic, seamless service.

The desires of new travel

COVID-19 has greatly contributed to evolving traveller desires. Passengers now expect a 360-degree seamless service when they arrive, transit, and depart airports. This year, we have joined forces with Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) to achieve the visionary goal of making travel services “delightful” by leveraging innovation and technology to reach a seamless experience.

PPG delivers “affordable luxury” that goes beyond the lounge. In collaboration with BIAL, a range of 360-degree airport services have been implemented at airports around the globe, including Meet and Assist, Porter Services, Luggage Storage and Flower Booking, PRM (Persons with Reduced Mobility) Services, Limo Services, Concierge Services, Valet Parking, Car Spa, Travel Concierge, Pet Care Service, Personal Shopper, and Robotic Assistance etc. More services will be introduced to provide an end-to-end and globally connected passenger journey.

The project signifies a timely and significant step in transforming airport experiences. Under the concept of “The Power of One,” we deliver “One Brand, One Experience, One Service Standards through One Platform under One Team.”

To cater to new hygiene expectations, new services such as contactless interfaces, self-service options, biometric boarding gates, facial recognition security, and much more have likewise been implemented.

Unlocking seamless travel experiences

Our Loyalty program is one of the key elements that curate a seamless journey for customers. Fostering brand loyalty is about staying relevant and authentic, offering assurance that even though travel has changed, the airport journey remains as safe as it used to be.

It has been an evolving year for PPG regarding digital transformation. Last year, we launched our first global airport rewards program, Smart Traveler, which provides a 360-degree virtual airport experience to earn and burn points for lounge experiences and travel-related services and products. To further elevate a seamless travel experience, we launched our newest digitalized product, the Plaza Premium Lounge Pass, which travelers can use to unlock their accesses to global airport lounges via one pass. It aims to bring customers better value, convenience, and customization, and can be shared with friends and family for their use via the Plaza Premium Group’s Smart Traveller app.

Collaboration with industry partners

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Collaboration with industry partners are key to reviving travel, one reason we are pleased to have sponsored the ASQ 2021 Global Traveller Survey which seeks to understand evolving passenger expectations.

ASQ 2021 Global Traveller Survey
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During recent months, we have also expanded our global footprint, adding more than 47 locations in our network, including 24 lounges, two Aerotel hotels, two dining outlets, as well as Meet & Assist passenger services across six airport locations. This growth has strengthened Plaza Premium Group’s presence across key travel hubs in Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific – where we are seeing the strongest recovery in travel demand, both domestically and regionally. With these additional network locations, you can now find us in over 250 locations across 30 countries and regions and 70 international airports worldwide.

Gearing up to welcome the return of travel

As an industry leader, and with our commitment to enhancing the customer journey and making airports memorable destinations, we are eager to support the revival of air travel. This past summer, we launched the “We’re Ready Whenever You Are” campaign. As international boarders gradually lift, as people begin travelling, and as the world reconnects, we see the glimpse of light at the end of the tunnel. We are ready to welcome you with a seamless airport journey on your next trips.

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Blog post written by Bora Isbulan, Chief Commercial Officer, Plaza Premium Group

Bora İşbulan

Bora İşbulan

Chief Commercial Officer, Plaza Premium Group
Chief Commercial Officer, Plaza Premium Group
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