Paul Mason

Paul Mason

Managing Director, Redline Assured Security, part of Air Partner Group, a Wheels Up company
Paul Mason is Managing Director for Redline Assured Security, part of Air Partner Group, a Wheels Up company. With over 25 years of aviation experience, Paul was at the helm of Redline from inception in 2006 to acquisition by Air Partner in 2019, guiding Redline from a concept through to the internationally acclaimed security training, consultancy, and quality assurance company that it is today. The division offers an unmatched range of products and services spanning all aspects of safety and security, training, consultancy, quality assurance, and innovative software products to cater for the needs of tomorrow’s threats and risks as well as big data handling, live data analytics, real time threat, and risk management.
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Airport Operations

Creating a Seamless Airport Experience: From 2D to 3D Security Scanning

by Paul Mason | Jul 31, 2023

Airport security screenings have long been a major source of frustration for travelers around the world. Lengthy queues, intrusive bag checks, and strict regulations have made the process a necessary but unpleasant part of air travel. However, with the implementation of computed tomography (CT), screening is changing. This new technology has the potential to revolutionize airport security and create a seamless airport experience for passengers.

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