Sabrina Guerrieri

Sabrina Guerrieri

Manager, Communications, ACI World
Sabrina Guerrieri's main responsibility is to assist the Director General, Chair and selected Directors with their speaking engagements for various ACI and external events.
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Industry News

Cargo Forum in partnership with TIACA

by Sabrina Guerrieri | Apr 15, 2019

The value of air cargo to the industry and economies is paramount and as such for the event’s last Forum,...

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Environment & Sustainability

Sounds like a plan – Noise management key to safeguarding the sustainability of airports

by Sabrina Guerrieri | Mar 13, 2019

Reducing the number of people affected by aircraft noise is a shared priority for airports, the aviation industry and regulators.

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Trends & Forecasts

The Aerotropolis’ Lure

by Sabrina Guerrieri | Jan 31, 2019

If you are part of the aviation industry, then you have most likely heard of the term:  Aerotropolis. Repurposed by...

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