Policy & Advocacy

Airport Operations

A risk-based approach : The key to effective Wildlife Hazard management

by Prisca Nkolo | May 9, 2019

Wildlife (birds and other animals, both wild and domestic) can pose a threat  to  aircraft and  therefore represent a risk...

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Environment & Sustainability

Safety assessments for airport solar panel installations

by Guest Author | Apr 29, 2019

Written by Adrian Young, Senior Aviation Consultant, To70 With the growth of renewable energy , airport solar panel farms on...

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Industry News

Upcoming Environment forum: Resilience, climate change adaptation, and combatting wildlife trafficking

by Glynys Jones | Mar 27, 2019

This year the 2019 ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition will host an Environment Forum for reviewing Climate...

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Policy & Advocacy

Airport operators have become important innovation leaders

by Guest Author | Feb 26, 2019

Written by Dr. Fang Liu, Secretary General, International Civil Aviation Organization In the lead-up to her keynote address at the...

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Training & Development

New ACI/ICAO Ground Reporting Format course

by ACI World | Feb 22, 2019

A new course has been developed to help airport personnel meet the ICAO Global Reporting Format requirements.

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Policy & Advocacy

The urgency of infrastructure development and the significance of private capital in the airport sector

by Ilia Lioutov | Feb 15, 2019

ACI has a neutral position on airport ownership and does not suggest that airport privatization is the only suitable policy...

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