Changi Airport Singapore: Imagineering passenger experience

ACI World by ACI World | Nov 1, 2018

More than 62.2 million passengers passed through Changi Airport in 2017, and many have come to appreciate the care and attention that the airport has taken to design its terminals, as well as to curate its leisure and entertainment facilities.

With a wide array of facilities such as a rooftop swimming pool, cinemas, at least one garden in every terminal, the world’s tallest airport slide, complimentary internet access and even a Free Singapore Tour, passengers are provided with plenty of options to spend their time during long layovers. Family-friendly amenities are also available for those travelling with children and infants.

Rooftop swimming pool in Terminal 1
Sunflower garden in Terminal 2

Tallest airport slide in terminal 3
Children’s playground in Terminal 2

The airport understands that the key to creating good passenger experience, or what it has termed as the “Changi Experience”, is by placing passengers and customers at the heart of everything it does. By understanding and anticipating passengers’ needs and wants, Changi is able to deliver them, even before passengers asked for them.

While the airport admits that keeping the “Changi Experience” fresh is an ongoing challenge, it is determined to innovate and ensure that a visit to Changi Airport will never be boring.

Terminal 4

Changi’s new Terminal 4 (T4), which started operations on 31 October 2017, is in many ways, a good illustration of Changi’s determination to innovate and strive for the better.

External view of Terminal 4

T4 is fitted out with the entire suite of Fast and Seamless Travel (FAST) self-service options, from self-service check-in and bag-drop, through to immigration, and on to self-boarding gates. Together with facial recognition technology, which eliminates the need for manual identity verification by staff throughout a passenger’s departure journey, T4 has been designed to be one of the most modern and high-tech facilities in the Asia-Pacific region.

Passenger using an automated boarding gate to board his flight

Introducing self-service options does not mean that the airport is doing away with customer service. In fact, self-service options will enable Changi Airport and its ground handling companies to optimise manpower resources required for traditionally labour intensive processes, and free up time for staff to continue to deliver a first-class Changi Experience, to assist passengers who may be in need of help.

In addition to self-service options, Changi believes in rethinking travel. T4 is designed to deliver a new level of theatrical experience with its immersive walls. The first immersive wall at the centralised security screening area is designed to provide a stress-free security screening space, while the second wall at the Heritage zone displays Changi’s first digital theatre production, to showcase Singapore’s local culture.

Immersive wall at Terminal 4’s centralised security screening area

These special design elements of T4 enable it to handle two thirds of Terminal 3’s passenger capacity, while only being half the size. This capacity is needed to accommodate traffic growth at Changi, to ensure that the airport has sufficient capacity to meet the expected passenger growth projections, until Terminal 5 is completed in the 2030s.

With Terminal 4 having started operations smoothly, the airport’s focus is now getting Jewel Changi Airport to meet the world in 2019, as well as developing Terminal 5.

Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport – a mixed-use complex featuring attractions, retail offerings, a hotel and facilities for airport operations, is taking shape in front of Terminal 1. Strategically located in the heart of Changi Airport, Jewel is envisaged to be a world-class lifestyle destination that will enable the Singapore air hub to capture passenger mindshare, and strongly boost Singapore’s appeal as a stopover point for travellers.

Artist impression of Jewel Changi Airport

Built on a 3.5-hectare site, Jewel will boast a plethora of shops, restaurants, gardens and a 130-room hotel centred around the world’s largest indoor waterfall at 40 metres. Created to be a world-class attraction, Jewel Changi Airport is a game-changing project for Changi, in today’s highly competitive landscape, as the airport continues to strive to create a Changi Experience that touches the heart of every passenger.

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