Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport: Highlights of quality service for passengers

Guest Author by Guest Author | Aug 18, 2020

Editor’s Note from ACI: In early March 2020, ACI announced the winners of this year’s ASQ Awards. Since then, the impact and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought the global airport industry to a standstill. The ASQ Awards recognize those airports that listen and respond to the voice of passengers. As the industry begins to restart and plan for recovery, it will be even more important for airports to listen, understand, and responds to the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

Located in Chongqing – the southwest region of China, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport (CKG) is a Level 4F civil international airport with 3 terminals and 3 runways. By 2019, CKG opened 366 routes and served 215 destinations; handled the passenger throughput of 44,787,000, the cargo throughput of 412,000 tons and the aircraft movements of 318,000.

Guided by the concept of high-quality development, CKG is trying to build a compound hub with intelligence and beauty, an acclaimed airport group by the public, and an important platform for inland open economy.

Airport environment and ambiance matched with the best passenger experience

To enhance the airport’s performance CKG adheres to the customer service philosophy of “To be professional, sincere and considerate “. Through excellent performance CKG was rated as “Chinese Excellent Civil Airport by the Service Quality Evaluation” and won the award for “Best Environment and Ambience in Asia-Pacific” and “Best Customer Service in Asia-Pacific” for two consecutive years through the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) Programme.

CKG has been able to achieve better customer service and satisfaction by implementation some of the following services:

Intelligent and comfortable service facilities

Encouraging passengers to use automatic machines to check in and consign luggage, confirm flights using QR codes, and go through customs with the self-service custom clearance machines provides passengers with various travel options like Intelligent face recognition systems for security checks which leads to overall increased efficiency. Other services including piloting the baggage tracking system to reduce the risk of losing baggage; introducing robots for consultation and inspection in an innovative way; implementation of the intelligent flight schedule display and intelligent handcart, and other equipment including massage chairs and shared restrooms have been proven to greatly improve the passengers’ travel experience.

Establish an environment-friendly airport

Through careful planning CKG systematically implemented the environment decoration and green plant landscape in the terminal by building a garden-style waiting area. Monitoring the five degrees in the terminal building in real time, which includes temperature, moisture, illumination intensity, the concentration of carbon dioxide and the noise level, CKG is able to  provide the most comfortable and harmonious waiting environment for guests and plants alike.

Creating airport ambiance

By displaying the history and culture of Chongqing through the use of natural resources it creates a unique tourist attraction supported by multimedia displayed on a wall with hand-drawn maps and digital interactions.  Supporting this initiative includes various cultural experience activities inviting passengers to celebrate the traditional events like Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and the Mid-autumn Festival accompanied by  traditional foods and performances, which creates a friendly relationship with passengers.

Customer experience awards at CKG

CKG has established  good communication concerning passenger experience and overall customer service quality with global airports. In China, CKG is regarded  as an airport who provides outstanding performance with a strong sense of responsibility representing the interests of travellers.  As part of the Service Quality Committee of the China Civil Airports Association (CCAA) CKG plays a vital role in promoting the exchange of information among airports domestically and worldwide.

As participants in the Customer Experience Global Summit held by ACI World, CKG is active in strengthening their cooperation and exchange with other airports.  Through their participation in the ASQ programme, CKG hopes to grow and keep moving forward as a high-quality and influential international hub for passenger experience. With millions of passengers moving through yearly, technology and innovative leadership will need to meet the needs of the travelling public.

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