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Bruno Spada by Bruno Spada | Oct 29, 2020

At Amadeus we’ve witnessed first-hand the commitment by airports and ground handlers to deliver safe and seamless journeys in 2020.

We’ve seen time and time again an unwavering dedication and tireless work ethic as services are adapted to meet new passenger needs, in what has been an extremely challenging operating environment. We’ve also seen how innovative technology has played an integral role in enabling new passenger expectations to be met. For example, touchless technologies and more flexible services have allowed airports to offer new, efficient and touch-free experiences.

Touchless passenger journeys

Recently, we have worked closely with our airport partner Avinor Group to roll out an end-to-end touchless experience across 17 airports in Norway. The solution was developed and deployed in just three months to address new hygiene concerns and to restore passenger confidence.

In this context, we are proud to join ACI in support of the ASQ Awards; an industry benchmark for passenger experience at the airport. These awards reflect the commitment of airports to improving the passenger experience, and represent the highest possible customer experience accolade for airport operators around the world. This year, 140 awards have been won by 84 individual airports.

Industry adaptation brings innovation

In adversity there is often invention. As our industry adapts, there is the opportunity to look beyond conventional approaches; to explore new commercial models and passenger experiences; to create the kind of adaptive airport environment that not only responds to but thrives on change. Here, agility and flexibility are essential, not just in addressing the requirements of today, but also in ensuring airports are ready to scale up when passenger numbers return to growth. While this may sound like an ambitious discussion at a time when cost containment and the need to adapt operations in the wake of the pandemic are priorities, these short-term and longer term strategic goals are not mutually exclusive.

A look ahead at a digital future

Today, supporting social distancing and minimizing contact between staff and passengers means dispersing check-in beyond conventional areas (and off airport), adding automated options, extending touchless check-in and bag drop facilities, and using biometric processes with facial recognition. In future, these investments could also allow rapid scaling up when passenger numbers grow, and pre-crisis capacity pressures return. It is from this perspective that we approach technology in the Airport IT division of Amadeus.

We believe that the drive by airports to put the passenger at the center of everything they do is both timely and fitting. It is the passenger who is at the center of our business, too, leading us to offer new solutions that enable greater agility, flexibility and service.

The outlook for the travel industry is uncertain, but I remain optimistic about the future. As passengers gradually return to airport terminals, I am sure we will see innovations and ultimately economic prosperity. Travel will again unite people, facilitating connections between individuals and organizations. It is for this reason that I am excited to see the new projects initiated by airports as they continue to adapt and set new standards for the passenger experience, even during challenging times. I would like to congratulate the 84 airports receiving an Airport Service Quality Award for their continued commitment to improve the passenger experience at the airport.

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Bruno Spada

Bruno Spada

Executive Vice President, Airport IT, Amadeus
In early 2019, Bruno Spada was appointed to head the Airport IT business at Amadeus. He has extensive experience across Amadeus and the wider travel industry thanks to a varied and long-lasting career with the company. Since joining as a software engineer in 1990, Bruno has held a wide range of positions in R&D, Implementation, Finance, and Management. As Executive Vice President, he places a strong focus on R&D and innovation. Prior to leading the Airport IT division, he led the R&D teams for a number of Amadeus’ airline solutions such as the Amadeus Departure Control System. Bruno Spada is currently based in Madrid.
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