Q&A with ACI Instructor Chris Barratt

Melisa Monje by Melisa Monje | Jul 1, 2018
Chris Barratt

What is your background and how does this tie into teaching and more specifically airport security?

I started my career in military aviation and then spent 18 years as a police officer at an international airport. I specialized in physical security and infrastructure protection and was an aircrew security instructor. I have also worked for an airline as safety and security manager and served as security specialist on a number of EU-funded capacity-building projects. I have operated as an airport screener and have been training screeners for 10 years. I teach at the Emirates Aviation University in Dubai in the MSc Aviation Security Programme.

Were you always interested in the aviation industry?

Aircraft and airfields have fascinated me since childhood; it is no surprise that I have been attached to aviation pretty much all of my working life.

You have developed the ACI Security Diploma ꟷ what would you say has been the most challenging, as well as most rewarding, experience for you as an ACI instructor?

The development was a team effort at McClumpha Associates. The goal was to produce a course for professionals that was engaging and provided good practical advice and ideas to assist in the day-to-day security management of the airport. Having completed the course and received positive feedback from the first delivery was a great achievement. The whole experience and engagement with ACI has been extremely rewarding.

The aviation landscape is ever evolving.  How do you keep abreast of the latest updates for immediate incorporation in the training content?

At McClumpha Associates, we maintain connections with regulators, airports and equipment manufactures. We also attend conferences and exhibitions. I train at a number of airports and so I am required to remain updated in legislation in the relevant States.

What do you think is in store for airport training in the coming years?

Training is the foundation of quality security delivery at all levels. I believe that the quality of training will increase. I also believe that we will see a greater use of simulation technology in the training of managers as it becomes more affordable and accessible. There has been an increase in academic training offerings lately and this brings new possibilities.

Please add one trivia about yourself – something people may not readily know about you?    

I wanted to be an opera singer!

Melisa Monje

Melisa Monje

Manager, Assessments and Accreditation, ACI World
Melisa Monje has over ten years of international experience with a primary focus on training and operational management. She is responsible for the operational management and delivery of quality training solutions for ACI’s Global Training.
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