Q&A with Teodor Magercu, GSN Diploma graduate

ACI World by ACI World | Jan 1, 2018

Airport professionals all over the world need to stay up-to-date on best practices to improve their airport safety and security measures. Global Training offers a wide range of courses customized for different fields of expertise, allowing participants to grow their skill set while simultaneously benefiting airport operations. 

In providing access to training all over the world, we are highlighting recent graduates and their stories.

Teodor Magercu is one of the first Global Safety Network (GSN) graduates for 2018.  He received his GSN Silver Diploma this past February in Athens, Greece.

What is your background?

I started my aviation career 15 years ago as Deputy Commander on Bucharest Baneasa International Airport.

In 2011, I came across the opportunity to work at the Bucharest Airports National Company. Since then, I have been working at the Operational Co-ordination Dispatch at Bucharest Baneasa International Airport, the second airport operated by Bucharest Airports National Company. I perform apron safety inspections of the runways, taxiways, removal of foreign objects debris, serviceability of all components for beacons and obstacle lights, condition of runway markings, and wildlife hazard management. Additional responsibilities include reporting operating conditions, working in progress areas, minor or major defects in the infrastructure, issuance of NOTAMs and air safety reports.

At our airport, we ensure safe operating levels follow unauthorized runway incursions and in the case of an aviation event, we have the obligation to coordinate all firefighting activities with medical teams and police officers for rescue efforts to limit the effects of a catastrophe.

During winter, we also  keep a close eye on maintaining optimal operating conditions of runways, taxiways and aprons, including snow clearing operations SNOWTAM reporting.

What was your objective in taking the GSN courses?

My objective in pursuing the GSN courses was to enrich my aviation knowledge and to learn the common language for airport safety standards and procedures that are used throughout the industry.  My other objective was  to learn from ACI World instructors who are international aviation experts.

My motivation behind completing the GSN 1-3 courses, I must admit, was also to obtain the GSN Silver Diploma, as it highly recognized and valued in the aviation industry.  I knew that the through the GSN courses, we would gain knowledge and learn good practices pertaining to safe airside operations that could be applied in our daily work at the airport.

What does the GSN Diploma mean to you?

The GSN Silver Diploma recognizes my efforts over the past 3 years incompleting the first three modules of GSN – GSN 1: Safety Management Systems; GSN 2: Airside Safety and Operations; and GSN 3: Emergency Planning and Crisis Management.

By achieving this Diploma, I was able to learn about:

  • new information related to aviation;
  • safety procedures;,
  • aerodrome certification information,;
  • information on creating a safety management system (SMS);
  • safe operation in the airside (aerodrome and neighboring areas); and
  • information in emergency planning and crisis management.

How will this Diploma help you in your job and future?

This Diploma will allow me to apply best practices within my scope of work, which will also benefit the airport.

I am hoping to continue and attend GSN 4-6 and pursue the GSN Gold Diploma provided by ACI World.

The ACI Global Safety Network (GSN) Diploma Programme consists of six specialized courses on airport safety, and is specifically designed to meet the needs of airside operations and safety managers, including developing, implementing and operating effective Safety Management Systems (SMS) at their airports.

The courses are delivered by senior airport managers with extensive “real time” experience of operational procedures, SMS and airport certification. All classroom sessions make extensive use of pictures and films, to provide a compelling and relevant learning experience.

Bucharest Airports National Company is a recognized ACI training centre.

Become a safety professional and obtain your Global Safety Network Diploma

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