Save the date! ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition

Joanna Kufedjian by Joanna Kufedjian | Oct 1, 2018

The next big event that should be on your calendar is just over six months away! The 2019 ACI Asia-Pacific/World Annual General Assembly, Conference & Exhibition will be held in Hong Kong, from 2 to 4 April 2019, and will be graciously hosted by Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

The conference theme “What’s next for aviation? The future starts now” will explore the innovative ways in which the aviation industry is evolving, and address some of the challenges it will face. This annual conference is a key event for the global airport industry as it brings together the world’s aviation leaders to discuss opportunities for growth, leading-edge technologies and the latest developments in the field.  

Delegates will have the opportunity to participate in a series of pre-conference forums, on Tuesday, 2 April 2019, addressing some of the industry’s key focus areas: slots; airport charges; human resources; and environment. These in-depth sessions will allow participants to delve into each topic in a detailed and strategic way in order to understand the stakes and contribute their knowledge and expertise to the discussion.

The conference will explore various themes that are at the forefront of our industry today. Since drones, new types of aircraft and space travel are the current frontier, a session on safety and operations will take a closer look at some of these disruptors. Privatization and economic regulation are hot topics, and will be examined from a policy perspective, sharing with stakeholders the tools to help them manage the capacity crunch. Moreover, we will explore the newest trends in security and technology and their impact on the overall passenger experience. Finally, as customer service becomes a key feature in every aspect of the passenger journey, a session on the importance of creating an exceptional customer experience will cover this topic.

With aviation leaders from around the globe converging on Hong Kong, the conference is sure to be the perfect platform for exchanging ideas, best practices and learning from experts in the field. 

ACI World Annual General Assembly 2019 in Hong Kong
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Save the date and join the conversation in Hong Kong!

Joanna Kufedjian

Joanna Kufedjian

With over 15 years’ experience in marketing, corporate communications and event management, Joanna has worked in the banking and automotive industries, but started her career in aviation as a conference manager for ICAO’s conference services department. She currently leads the ACI events team and is the liaison for the WBP Advisory Board.
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