Schipol Airport and the passenger experience

Guest Author by Guest Author | Dec 1, 2017

Written by Rosanne Blijleven, Strategic Advisor Corporate Responsibility, Royal Schiphol Group

Located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Schipol airport (AMS) is known as the international airport of the Netherlands. A major European hub, AMS airport grew 9.2% in 2016. The airport is strategically located in a competitive market for connections for continental and intercontinental traffic. Currently AMS provides over 320 flight connections to airports in some 98 countries. With so many passengers passing through, it is no wonder that the airport has dedicated resources in implementing better design and, in turn, an all around better passenger experience.

Holland Boulevard: Maximizing the passenger experience

Newly renovated Holland Boulevard, a public area between Departure Lounge 2 and 3 was developed to meet the needs of the travelling public. Whether travellers want to relax or enjoy art and culture, Holland Boulevard reflects true Dutch culture and is open to the public 24 hours a day.

The transparent design provides a clear layout for the traveller. Large areas of glass and low walls create a fresh, open feel. Passengers can spend time with friends and family; enjoy a spa treatment; work; or shop in comfort. A traveller wanting to read can visit the new Airport Library, with around 500 books by well-known Dutch authors, translated into more than 40 languages as a literary calling card for foreign travellers. In addition to its books, the Airport Library provides touchscreens displaying the best of Dutch culture.

Departure Lounge 2: More retail space and catering outlets

Each year, an estimated 15 million people visit Departure Lounge 2. Over half (61%) are transfer passengers; the rest start their journey at Schiphol. The renovations add 20% more space for retail and catering outlets, bringing the total floor area of the first and second levels of Departure Lounge 2 to around 16,000 square metres.

Departure lounge at the heart of the terminal heralds a new age of passenger comfort. With the new lounge, Schiphol seeks to accommodate passengers’ changing needs and wishes. It is adapted to the human scale – not just for adult passengers, but also for children.

Departure Lounge 2 was renovated as part of the Master Plan, a comprehensive project to improve the airport’s quality by increasing capacity and enhancing efficiency and comfort for passengers. Schiphol’s Executive Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer André van den Berg relates, “To mark Schiphol’s 100th anniversary, we are presenting our passengers with a marvellous gift: a departure lounge unlike any other in the world, where passengers can explore not just one, but seven different worlds.”

The opening of the trendsetting Johnnie Walker House at Schiphol is a first in Europe. Other brand shops include Gucci, Bulgari, Hermès and Rolex. Those looking for something to eat or drink will find plenty to tempt their taste buds, with a Café Cocó, a Starbucks offering innovative food concepts and the Heineken Bar. Travellers can also recharge and relax before departure at XpresSpa.

Though many only pass through AMS, these exciting new additions to the airport may convince travellers on their journey to make it a final destination point next time around.

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