Smart Security’s role in the evolving airport landscape

Jeff Barrow by Jeff Barrow | Feb 13, 2019

With the predicted growth in air travel, evolving security threats, and dissatisfied passengers – the current airport security model is one that is not sustainable in the long term.

ACI World is leading a programme called “Smart Security” to address these concerns and to effectively plan for the future of air travel worldwide.

Launched in January 2019, Smart Security’s solutions are now available as an online training course, making its core concepts and best practices more accessible to airport professionals.

Designed to assist airports and screening authorities in adopting innovative screening solutions that strengthen security, increase operational efficiency and improve the overall passenger experience, the certificate is offered by ACI World’s Global Training division.

ACI’s commitment to airport security

As part of its ongoing contribution towards the ICAO Global Aviation Security Plan, and ACI’s commitment to take a leading role on the Smart Security programme, the course builds on existing guidance material to support priority areas, such as capacity building

“With growing passenger numbers, airports simply cannot keep creating more space or adding staff to accommodate the growing demand at the checkpoint,” Angela Gittens, Director General, ACI World said. “We need to find ways of being smarter about security and recognize that there is not one solution for all airports.

“ACI is uniquely positioned to guide airports and aviation stakeholders on innovative and integrated solutions that are in line with regulatory requirements and are tailored to the unique conditions and facilities of the airport. The Smart Security initiative has been successful in piloting, monitoring and drawing lessons from various new initiatives that have been implemented at passenger checkpoints around the world.”

Smart Security online course

The online certificate provides professionals with the ability to better understand the benefits and challenges of introducing Smart Security concepts, recognize the key issues to be considered when deploying Smart Security solutions in their airport and know how to develop a business case justifying security checkpoint projects or investments.

Upcoming later this year will be the release of new ACI World Handbooks dealing with Insider Threats and Cyber Security.

Jeff Barrow

Jeff Barrow

Associate Director, Regulatory Compliance and Infrastructure, Corporate Safety and Security, Greater Toronto Airports Authority
As part of ACI World’s Smart Security global innovation team, Jeff’s role includes representing airports around the world with a focus on improving the passenger journey. This is achieved through collaboration with airlines and regulatory agencies to trial and assess checkpoint solutions while driving wider involvement and adoption through tailored implementation and guidance to industry partners.
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