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The ACI World Insights blog includes subject matter expertise from across the aviation industry.

We welcome sponsored contributions subject matter experts from all corners of the aviation ecosystem which wish to contribute their knowledge and services to others in our inter-connected and inter-dependent community.

An extensive global market reach

As of January 2021, ACI serves 701 members, operating 1933 airports in 183 countries.

This constituency represents more than 96% of global passenger traffic. ACI’s network of World Business Partners comprises more than 600 firms representing every region which provide opportunities for cross-industry connection and exposure.

The ACI Insights blog is widely read within this community but also by stakeholders across the industry, government, opinion-formers, and regulators.

Blog submission process

Submission to ACI World: once an agreement is reached to feature a sponsored post, ACI World will review and edit submissions for house style, for grammar, syntax, and to improve search engine optimization but is always careful to not make any material changes to content. ACI World will work directly with the author to limit miscommunication and to increase efficiency.

If the quality of the content does not meet the ACI World blog requirements the article may be refused (as with any other contributions).

Publication: articles will be scheduled as per the ACI Insights content calendar. Each article will be supported through ACI World’s social media channels and contributors should seek to amplify through their own channels, where appropriate.

Contact us for more information on pricing, submissions or questions related to sponsored content.

ACI Sponsorship packages

ACI World also offers larger sponsorship packages, which include exposure across other platforms.