The Customer Experience Revolution in Airports

Serge Yonke Nguewo by Serge Yonke Nguewo | Apr 15, 2019

In an increasingly competitive market, customer experience is vital for airports. In a context of multiples stakeholders, very tight schedules, sometimes missing staff and the influence of growing social networks, airport operators desperately need to know whether the services they offer provide their passengers with a good or bad experience.

The customer experience revolution session combined four speakers which included Karen W. Ellis, San Antonio International Airport, Chief Customer Experience Officer; Chapman Fong, Terminal 1, Airport Authority Hong Kong General Manager; Carlos Criado, Corporacion Quiport, Business Development Director; and, Claire Donnellan, Sydney Airport, Service Strategy and Customer Experience. Moderating the discussion was Mei Mei Song, Plaza Premium Group, Brand Director. Discussions on providing extraordinary customer experience to passengers was the main them throughout the panel discussion.

Speakers defined the customer experience which focused on the feelings and emotions felt by passengers throughout the airport journey. Various approaches were explored in achieving successful customer experiences throughout airports including ergonomics, infrastructure design, staff reception, cleanliness, and access to information. Emphasis on technology and including digital initiatives was explored as one of the best ways to engage with passengers.

Opportunities in transforming the customer experience leads to higher profits, happier and more loyal passengers, and engaged employees. Over the past few years airports have shifted their focus on passenger satisfaction as there is a definite link between an airports reputation, their bottom line and the customer experience.

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Serge Yonke Nguewo

Serge Yonke Nguewo

Senior Manager, Facilitation and IT, ACI World
Serge is responsible for overseeing the Airport IT technology portfolio such the Standard ACRIS as well as the Airport Digital Transformation including the cyber security course.
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