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Guest Author by Guest Author | Aug 26, 2020

Written by Deng Xinying, Business manager, Marketing Dept., Ningxia Airport Co, LTD Western, China West Airport Group

Editor’s Note from ACI: In early March 2020, ACI announced the winners of this year’s ASQ Awards. Since then, the impact and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have brought the global airport industry to a standstill. The ASQ Awards recognize those airports that listen and respond to the voice of passengers. As the industry begins to restart and plan for recovery, it will be even more important for airports to listen, understand, and responds to the changing needs and expectations of their customers.

Yinchuan Hedong International Airport, located in the northwest of China, belongs to Ningxia Airport CO., LTD, which is affiliated with China West Airport Group. The goal was to build a top-ranking and modern airport in the western part of China; to create a Gateway Hub that is facing countries along the Silk Road Economic Belt and set up a regional aviation hub. The company is devoted to providing the customer with convenient services and a unique experience, serving local economic and social development.

Fun fact: The ten millionth trip has made in Yinchuan Hedong International Airport in December 2019.

The practice of customer service

Yinchuan Hedong International Airport, believes that customer service is based on team spirit, a unique culture, and a drive to be successful. The airport has always attached great importance to customer service, aiming at building an open, humanistic, green, and intelligent airport, and building a quality service management system to improve service quality comprehensively.

A focus on evolving requirements: Passengers with disabilities

Since February 2018, Yinchuan Hedong Airport launched and continuously optimized the Red Ribbon of Love service, which provides a red ribbon for first-time passengers, unaccompanied children, pregnant women, and passengers requiring wheelchairs and other accommodations. To better focus on those customer requirements, the airport established a specific service center and set up a dedicated team. The staff will take the initiative to find passengers in need of help in the terminal with a guide card stating: If You Need Help, Please Call Me.

Efficient transit service

To solve the needs of transit passengers, a service product called Transit Via Ningxia was created. As a result, transit passengers are exempt from the second security check and checked baggage can be transported directly to their destination without additional delay.

Convenient seamless travel: Introducing biometrics

Yinchuan Hedong Airport’s has a drive to create a smart airport that is easy, efficient, and above all a pleasant and comfortable journey for passengers. Thanks to new emerging technologies, you can travel to Yinchuan Hedong Airport relying on facial recognition for services including online check-in, passing by with an ID card, intelligent navigation, and biometric boarding. The airport was also the recipient of two awards from IATA in 2018, for  Off-site Check-in Best-Supporting Airport and Best Innovative Airport.

Transportation airport hub

Yinchuan Airport Transportation Hub was officially opened on 18 August 2019, building the connection points of railway, aviation, highway, and other transportation modes.

There is only 108m, a 5-minute walk, between terminal and high-speed rail station. A short distance for passengers to provide faster and easier air-rial transfer experience. The airport also set up a service area in railway station, check-in, rest service, baggage deposit, and so on provided in advance.

Cultural characteristics of the terminal

As the main window to the local area, Yinchuan Hedong Airport takes a social responsibility of communicating the local culture to travellers. The Magic Ningxia, Dream Home landscapes in the passenger line full of regional characteristics and urban labels after were added to achieve this. When you walk through the terminal, you can visit the farmyard and experience different cultures from other cities. The airport also supported local business to build the Chinese Goji Museum and Wine Experience Hall to display local products. At the same time, the airport also promotes sustainability, to create a better travel environment for passengers.

Festival atmosphere

China is a country with a rich culture and long history. Whenever there is a traditional festival, the airport ensures decorations reflect cultural celebrations along with activities. During the Spring Festival, lanterns are strung in the terminal, the Chinese zodiac is displayed, calligraphers are invited to write spring couplets all for the passengers to see. During the Lantern Festival, activities are carried out such as guessing lantern riddles and making sweet dumplings. Every Children’s day a parent-child wall is set up for painting. Alongside all these festivals, the airport prepares greeting cards and a bowl of noodles for any passenger with a birthday, as well as gifts for couples celebrating wedding anniversaries.

Welcome to Yinchaun, China

The airport is dedicated to providing a warm customer service for every passenger in the past and in the future. Passengers’ needs are the drive, passengers’ satisfaction is the target. The airport will do their best to provide warm service and comfortable environment, today and beyond.

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Deng Xinying is responsible for airport service quality control, focusing on raising the level of passengers’ satisfaction. A Hongkong University alumna, Deng holds a post-graduate degree in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management.

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