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Danny Boutin by Danny Boutin | Dec 1, 2017

Since its creation, the ACI Airport Excellent (APEX) in Safety programme has been developing great partnerships with many organizations and regulatory bodies. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has strongly supported this initiative, providing guidance and expertise which was further solidified with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, ensuring lasting collaboration, data sharing and support in all regions.

In 2014, the United States Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also became a partner, providing expertise in South America, the Caribbean and Africa. This partnership continued this year with joint participation in delivering workshops in ACI’s Latin America-Caribbean (LAC) region.

More recently, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) began providing funding in Africa for the delivery of safety assessments. The World Bank has done the same as part of various projects.

In the same spirit, new contributions have been made to the programme over the last few months from ACI World Business Partners (WBPs). Earlier this year, Mr. Kinn Moursund, representing Potters Ballotini SAS, a provider of glass beads used with airside markings to enhance reflectivity, donated an EasyLux reflectometer to the programme, allowing assessors to demonstrate the necessity of providing stakeholders with highly visible markings.

“I am very pleased to support the ACI APEX programme with this donation by Potters Ballotini SAS. Measurements of the visibility of the markings that are supported by objective data provide best practice risk management.”

– Kinn Moursund, Potters Ballotini

“I am very pleased to support the ACI APEX programme with this donation by Potters Ballotini SAS,” said Moursund. “Measurements of the visibility of the markings that are supported by objective data provide best practice risk management.”

APEX Programmes is going digital

Over the last two years, APEX in Safety has been collecting valuable data through regional needs assessments with the intention of providing ACI’s Global Training department and the World Safety Standing Committee with information which will inform the development of training courses and guidance materials. The task of compiling that much data is quite substantial given that the programme keeps expanding.

To assist with this important initiative, APEX in Safety is happy to join forces with another WBP, GCR Incorporated. With a strong aviation-based customer list such as the FAA, state aeronautics departments, and over 65 individual airports worldwide, GCR is offering ACI access to their platform, where all observations will be recorded and easily accessible, thereby facilitating the provision of quality data.

The observations will now be entered through a mobile application and the information will be stored on GCR’s servers in all confidentiality.

“GCR is proud to partner with ACI and the APEX in Safety programme by offering our AirportIQ software to facilitate the safety reviews. Our mobile platform will assist in the assessment of operations and infrastructures by providing checklists, logging and reporting capabilities, and allowing observations to be captured in real time. Through our AirportIQ technology, we hope to improve the efficiency of the on-site review team, enhance the quality of feedback to the host airport and facilitate communication and learning across the entire APEX team’’

– Tim Walsh, Director, Aviation Services for GCR.

Integrating these industry-leading partners into the programme will allow APEX in Safety to enhance the level of service it provides to ACI’s membership. Most importantly, though, it will result in a better understanding of the areas in which airports require further assistance and thereby contribute to a safer industry overall.

For any questions regarding the APEX Programmes, contact Mr. Danny Boutin, Senior Manager, APEX Programmes at

Danny Boutin

Danny Boutin

Director, Assessment and Accreditations, ACI World
Danny Boutin been in the aviation industry since 1995. With expertise in Safety Management, he contributes to building a strong community of airport experts in various areas of airport management such as safety, security and environmental and operational management.
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